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John McLeod: Piano Music - Murray McLachlan
Format : 2 CD
Total Time : 02:38:27

Label : Metier
Catalog No. : 0077207MSV
EAN : 0809730720727

Release Date : 01/07/2018

Genre : Classical
Impromtus 1-4 (1960)
Nr. 1 Allegro energico
Nr. 2 Lento e tranquillo
Nr. 3 Andante cantabile
Nr. 4 Allegro risoluto
Hebridean Dances (1981)
Nr. 1 Going West
Nr. 2 Dance to your Shadow
Nr. 3 The Harp of Dunvegan
Nr. 4 Barra Love Lilt Nr. 5 The Cockle Gatherer
12 Préludes (1984)
Nr. 1 Con brio
Nr. 2 Con moto e pomposo
Nr. 3 Adagio quasi una chorale
Nr. 4 Allegro martellato
Nr. 5 Adagio - Notturno mistico
Nr. 6 Grazioso con moto
Nr. 7 Giocoso
Nr. 8 Maestoso e grandioso
Nr. 9 Allegro agitato
Nr. 10 Adagio languido
Nr. 11 Allegro energico
Nr. 12 Lento sostenuto
Protset Pieces 1-3 (1992)
Nr. 1 "The fox, in agony, surrenders his blood to the night"
Nr. 2 "A mountain stream, poisoned and choked by effluvium, struggles to reach the sea"
Nr. 3 "The stag, its heart pierced by an arrow, disappears into the mist"
Interludes from "Another Time, Another Place" 1-3 (1997)
Nr. 1 Dolente semplice
Nr. 2 Andantino semplice
Nr. 3 Allegretto scherzando
Haflidi's Pictures (2008)
Nr. 1 A Fish can Sing
Nr. 2 Snakes in the Garden
Nr. 3 A holy Man with Cross
Nr. 4 A Devil in the Cupboard
Nr. 5 Fragments from Picture
Nr. 6 Tortured by Noise
Nr. 7 Silence
Nr. 8 An Italian Huntsman
Nr. 9 A Winter Landscape
Nr. 10 A Witch on a Pedestal
Nr. 11 To the Heart of the Matter
Nr. 12 A Musician on the Move
Sonate für Klavier Nr. 1 (1978)
Sonate für Klavier Nr. 2 (1984, 2017)
1. Adagio e quasi misura - Allegro vivo
2. Adagietto
3. Allegro energico
Sonate für Klavier Nr. 3 (1995)
Sonate für Klavier Nr. 4 (2006)
1. Vivo e leggiero
2. Tranquillo ed espressivo
3.Vivo e capriccioso
Sonate für Klavier Nr. 5 (2013)
Fantasie über ein Tema aus der Oper "Gloriana" von Benjamin Britten (bearb. von Murray mcLachlan) (2012)

Murray McLachlan

   in Piano International (Mar, 2019)
Two very well-filled discs here, captured live in the excellent acoustic of Manchester's new Stoller Hall. A student of Lennox Berkeley, McLeod's piano music dates from 1980 (Four Impromptus, written while still under Berkeley's tutelage) to 2013. McLachlan is no stranger to McLeod's music: a 1999 disc on Redbook Records included the first and third piano sonatas.

McLeod's Hebridean Dances (performed with Rose McLachlan, Murray's daughter) wear their geographical origin firmly on their sleeve, while his Twelve Preludes reveals formal mastery overarching the set. Haflidi's Pictures (after Haflidi Halgrimsson) comes into competition with Mark Tanner; both, ideally, should be sought out.

The second disc comprises McLeod's five piano sonatas (1978-2013) ...

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